Tick Checks

No matter how many precautions you have taken or how vigilant you have been, it is very important to conduct regular tick checks while outdoors and once you return indoors. While outside, do a quick spot check from time to time to catch ticks as soon as possible so that they do not get a chance to get to your skin and attach to you.

Once you are back indoors, you should conduct a thorough tick check of your entire person. Be sure you check all of the “hot spots” where ticks like to attach best, and the easy-to-miss areas where they may be hiding. The common places where they could be hiding are the armpits, groin, belly button, and between your toes. Be sure to also check the back of the neck, your hairline, behind your ears, and over your legs. Ticks can be small, so a thorough and detailed check is very important. Check yourself in a full-length mirror and have others check the hard-to-see areas, like behind your ears, your back and your hairline. Know your moles! Having a good sense of where freckles and moles are will help you to know if a dark spot or bump shouldn’t be there. It might just be a tick.