Where do Ticks Live?

Ticks can be found around the world and in many environments, but they thrive in warm and humid climates. A temperate, tropical or subtropical climate is ideal; therefore many tick species are found in coastal states of the United States. High tick populations are found in wooded areas or regions where moisture is retained. Ticks often hide and nest in leaves and debris at the bottom of trees in forested areas or in animal nests, where they can easily find hosts from which to feed. Perhaps the most important factor in the survival of ticks is the availability of animals from which to feed.

Ticks are still active in colder temperatures. If the temperature is above freezing, be aware and continue doing tick checks and wear protection

If you live in an area where ticks thrive, it is important to take preventative steps to protect yourself from being bitten by a tick that might be carrying a disease-causing pathogen.

There is truly no area void of ticks because they attach to their hosts and can be carried wherever the host travels. With hosts such as migrating birds and mammals, ticks can be carried great distances from their points of origin.